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My name is Meghan, I'm 25 and I never want to be average.

I'm currently traveling the world.

i’m sitting in the cafeteria at dublin airport reading the news and a cranky baby starts screaming about the food. soon enough a younger baby from a few tables over screams at him multiple times to “hush.” how am i the only one here who finds this hilarious.

My sister and I are laying in bed and talking and bonding. I have successfully gotten my sister to open up to me. Go me.

i really hate the way this family interacts. the three of us make the most broken thing you could possibly call a family. we can hardly travel together let alone communicate. 

i’m really realizing that the three of us really can’t be called a family. this is not a family. it’s the most constantly hostile thing i’ve ever been a part of. we’re more of a nothing than a family. 

this blog is going to be lacking for a while and it’s mostly going to be text posts but bear with me, i promise there will be good stories.

for somebody whose travelling the world i really fucking suck at understanding thick accents

remaining facebook friends with someone you briefly dated is really unfortunate because the more of their posts you see, the less you understand why you liked them.

QuestionC, G, O Anwser

C - celebrity crush

george clooney always. we go back. 

G - If you had to rank yourself on a scale of 1 to 10, what would you be?

10, duh.

O - Who are you crushing on right now?

a mythical being who is perfect and exists only in my mind

fun fact i’m embarrassed by how quickly i fall for people. then i question if i truly feel anything meaningful at all if i can feel it so easily.  

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Questiond and k Anwser

D - If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would it be?

nothing. i don’t believe that changing anything would improve my life or anyone else’s so why bother? i feel like no matter what the circumstances i would probably be in a similar place with similar issues and with the same level of happiness. even if my dad were alive, who’s to say we’d get along well and that he’d be happy and well? even if i’d graduated from college, who’s to say i’d have any better idea of my direction in life? 

k - What’s the biggest lie you have ever told?

nothing really comes mind. i lie more than i’d like to. i definitely sugar coat the truth for most people. i once dated a guy for 2 months and lied about being unemployed and on hiatus from having a direction in life. i was really into the lie too and would tell him about my day at work. lol i’m a terrible person. in my defense though i had just dated someone who stopped speaking to me after i was completely honest with him about my situation with school and was super devastated. super devastated after 4 dates. yeah i don’t really understand how i liked him that much, that quickly either.

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QuestionB, F, Q, U Anwser

B - 3 biggest pet peeves

1 the entire concept of pet peeves,
2 people who tell you about their pet peeves as if you’re supposed to tip toe around them instead of them just learning to be more tolerant of other people’s behavior,
3 and any other sort of entitled behavior

F - do you drink?

yep. i don’t like doing it in any crazy excess though.

Q - your guilty pleasure?

hmmm umm probably doing nothing all day and staying in bed and sleeping in

U - How big is your penis or for a girl, how big are your boobs

hahah this is worded so strangely i was about to tell you about my penis…

do you know how difficult it is to pack up all your clothes that you still love to wear and put them in boxes at your mom’s house?

i can only wear what i can carry on my back for the next 5 months and it’s killing me. 

the worst part is that i’m a total underwear hoarder and i can only bring about a 10th of the underwear i own.

ok i understand that i’m a lucky duck and this is actually not that bad but at this moment it’s really hard ok?

are engagement parties really a necessary part of our social structure?  

what do you do when your new pleather leggings are too big and just kind of gather and bunch at your knees and ankles instead of making you look like cat woman?

Having a total TREAT YO SELF kind of birthday. Got a facial, massage and body scrub birthday deal at a spa, bought myself a pair of pleather leggings and a pair of jean shorts that hug my ass so perfectly without being vulgar from necessary clothing and now a cleaning service is cleaning up my apt while I download every episode of everything to watch while I travel the parts of the world with terrible Internet access. Oh yeah and I leave in a week for my adventures! Being cancelled on on your birthday isn’t half bad.

hayyy guess who got cancelled on and no longer has any birthday plans